World of Warcraft Workout Tip #2

Have you packed on a few pounds since you started playing World of Warcraft?  Are you constantly breaking polymorphs because you were hungry, and you thought the sheep was for you to eat?  If so, then listen up!

Start using quest turn ins as a trigger for doing ab workouts.  For every quest you complete, make it a priority to to 10 sit-ups as soon as the yellow question mark disappears.  Don’t accept another quest until you are finished.  I average around 7-10 quest turn-ins on a good night of playing.  This means that I have done 70-100 sit-ups in one night!  This only takes a few minutes away from your game play, and will put you on the path to having killer abs.  Note: If you can’t finish the sit-ups, switch to another abdominal workout such as planks or bicycle kicks.  When you do these, try to hold out for at least a minute, but don’t stop if you can keep going.

As always, consult your personal doctor before attempting any exercise presented here.  This has been your World of Warcraft Workout tip of the week.  Have fun and stay active!

  • josh

    Good tip. However, I might suggest pushups instead of situps.

  • Naomi Dunford

    OK, I freely admit that I don’t know one damn thing about WoW, but I will say that this tip made me laugh out loud. What an awesome idea! I’ve heard it with TV commercials, but way to make it task specific.