Back on Track

I’m happy to report that I’m turning this fat ass ship around and heading back towards my goals.  I started off this year with a calendar to mark off every day that I exercise.  I just finished out Day #8, and I have to admit that the chain of “X”s are starting to motivate me.  Every day I’m trying to do something be it walking, pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges, whatever.  Anything that makes the heart pump a little faster and cause some sweat.  

Starting out like this is a slow process, but it keeps me from getting burnt out.  I haven’t lost any noticable weight, but I’m feeling better.  I never realize how crappy I feel when I’m not exercising and eating too much until I start back.  My energy level is up and I feel good.

  • George Titswoth

    Sweet! Good job. I’m doing the same thing, except I started on the 4th, so I’m only 4 days in so far. I set a goal of at least 10 minutes a day, but only more if I feel like it. I am not too worried about losing weight this month, I just want to get a habit started. This way, I can only work out for 10 minutes and not feel bad about it. But I find myself wanting a longer workout.

    Keep going buddy!

  • Chett

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