Falling Off the Horse, but Not Breaking Your Ass

Photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs

Photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs

So let’s see…. If you look at the last post, you see that I have been M.I.A. for the last two months.  Well guess what I have been doing?  Working, playing video games, and yes, gaining weight.  I have done it.  I have fallen off the horse, right when I was doing so well.  I initially started thinking about a blog post about how not to fall off the fitness horse, but I realized that no matter what I tell you, or what I try myself, it is going to happen at some point.  Almost everyone stumbles whilst on the the epic journey to Nonfattiesville.  So instead I though I would give a few tips on how to get back into the groove for those who are currently rubbing their sore back and watching the horse run away.

  1. Don’t be mad at yourself. -This stuff happens.  You tried very hard, but life can very easily get in the way.  This is just one of the stops on the way to your goal.  Is this enough motivational stuff?  Just suck it up!  Accept your new flabbier position and do something about it!
  2. Don’t dwell - There is no point in spending too much time trying to figure out where you went wrong, just start moving again.  Even if you figure out that it was a hectic work schedule or the release of a new game, there is most likely nothing you can do (or are willing to do) to change you behaviors when those things happen again.  Instead, just start right back where you left off as quickly as possible.  If you really want to think about it and dwell, do so during a nice long bike ride.
  3. Give your muscles a small grace period, but no more. I understand the urge to say, “It’s been two months since I worked out, maybe I should start with a couple weeks of walking,” but don’t start too slow.  My opinion is you need to kick back into your old routine as soon as possible.  At the most, cut your old routine in half for the first time back, but hit it harder the next time.  The time to fully reach you old performance may change depending on how long you have been out of the game, so be the judge of your own body.  Just don’t make excuses to slack off when you could be burning off the weight you gained.
  4. Can I have some of those fries?

    Can I have some of those fries?

    Diet starts today! Do not have any “LAY OFF ME I’M STARVING!!! Diet starts tomorrow,” moments.  There is no excuse to dig yourself deeper in the hole because the time of day or week.  Don’t use artificial time milestones, such as tomorrow, or after vacation, to set your schedule.  If you know you need to start eating right again, then start right now!

  5. Track immediately. If you read my last blog post, you would know that I recommend tracking your weight even when you are not actively working at it.  Well, I didn’t do that great of a job.  But the key point still stands, track your weight no matter what.  I gained 10 pounds in two months.  I don’t like thinking about it, but I really don’t like looking at it on a graph.  It gives me tons of motivation to try to make the last two months look like an outlier in my overall weight loss trend.

Hopefully, these tips will provide a little bit of help after realizing you’ve slipped.  Just start again and keep going.  Remember what Yoda used to say about trying?

  • http://digitalbush.com Josh Bush

    I’m right there with you. This whole having a baby thing has really thrown me off. I’m getting back on track now with 3 months to go until the baby arrives.


  • Aaron

    Did you fall off the other side while trying to climb back on?

  • http://www.geekintoshape.com George Titswoth

    The horse is a squiggly SoB :)

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