Outie Like 5k’s!

Guess who has two thumbs, no shoes, and finished his first 5k last weekend? Well, a few people, but more importantly:

THIS GUY! (And this guy’s wife, too!)

I will admit, I was hesitant to sign up for a 5k.  I have been running 3 miles for a few months now, but it has always been so tough for me. Being a geek, I have a perfection complex about the things I commit to. If I was going to run the race, I wanted to be as prepared as possible, running 5k at warp 9 without breaking a sweat.

The problem: I really haven’t committed to running. I do it because I know I should, but I go for weeks at a time without a run, and I’m quick to cut a run short if I’m “not into it”, i.e. LAZY.

But, I went ahead and signed up for this race, and it rocked my balls off (figuratively)!

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and about 50 degrees at the start of the race. I met up with my buddies Greg and Jeremy who were also running the race. Both of those guys are also in the 30+ pounds lost in 2010 club.

Nerds 2^2 Ever!

Jeremy (on the right) was rocking his Vibram Five Fingers as well. We were the only ones wearing VFFs as far as I saw.

And before I knew it, the race had started. I loved running with friends (I have never done that before). Especially friends that run just a little bit faster than I do. I ended up and pushed myself a little harder to keep up with them. I didn’t stay with them the entire time, but just that little extra bit of chase improved my best time by 3 minutes. Which leads me to the finish:

I think I won!

I came through at 28:51, rocking my VFF Bikilas, and feeling good (Much better than the guy who came through vomiting about a minute before). I was really happy about my time. I could have gone faster if I pushed myself harder, but being my first race, I was more worried about finishing it without walking than how long it took me.

I was even more proud of my wife who finished in 34 minutes (and had only run 3 miles once a few months ago, and that was on the treadmill). Go Titsworth family! Yeah my last name is Titsworth… you got a problem with that?

I know everyone told me this, but it didn’t sink in until I jogged across the finish line: RACES ARE ADDICTIVE!

I can’t wait to sign up for more and keep running, improving my time, and going longer distances. I missed the sign-up for the trail race that was this upcoming weekend, but there are 10+ races coming up between now and Christmas. The one I’m most exciting about is the Krispie Kreme challenge, where you have to run 2 miles to the donut store, eat a dozen donuts, and then run 2 miles back within an hour. Sounds gloriously painful :)

I wanted to give a quick shout out to a few of the people who pushed me to keep running (even though they might not know it):

  • Jess over at Half of Jess for talking me into getting VFFs and for killin a half marathon in hers.
  • Brandon over at A Healthy Dad for making me realize I can run faster (that guy runs fast for someone who weighed 290 just 10 months ago)
  • Steve at Nerd Fitness for reminding me that nerds can have a six pack other than Mt. Dew.

Thanks guys! I suggest everyone follow them on twitter and check out their blogs. Good stuff, fo sho!

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of my running journey, and I’m sure I’ll keep you updated as I keep at it.

I’ll leave you with a few more images from the event:

VFF buddies

The running fam

After the Race (and a sleepy baby)

  • http://www.runningbecauseican.com David H.

    Congrats! Racing is very addictive. Based on what you’ve said here, I think you’ll knock a couple of minutes off your 5k time in no time!

  • http://ashleyjane36.blogspot.com Ashley

    Racing IS addictive. The best way to keep yourself running is to keep signing up for races. Then you HAVE to get out there and get your runs in.

  • http://www.geekintoshape.com George Titsworth

    Thanks David! I should have mentioned you in my shout outs too!

    I want to get sub 25 minutes for some reason, but I also want to start focusing on longer distances. Should I try intermingling my goals, 1 day speed run, the next distance, or should I just focus on speed or distance?

  • http://www.geekintoshape.com George Titsworth

    Already done! I even signed up as the team captain for a race my company is sponsoring. I hope that doesn’t mean I have to lead the pack :)

  • http://ahealthydad.com Brandon

    Awesome job on your first 5k! Nice recap, and thanks for the shout-out!

  • http://twitter.com/RunningBecause David H.

    You can focus on both — by longer distances are you looking at something like a 10k or half marathon? I think a sub 25-minute 5k is completely realistic. If I were you I’d go for that and then start thinking about longer distances. However, I actually got faster when I started running longer. Feel free to email me if you’d like to chat more. It would be easier to go into more details and ask more questions. runningbecauseican (at) gmail (dot) com

  • http://www.geekintoshape.com George Titsworth

    Thanks Brandon! You da man! (I’m having deja vu)

  • http://www.geekintoshape.com George Titsworth

    Thanks for taking time to reply… I’ll probably mostly try to cut down my time. I still think I might try to take one “long” run each week, just to see how far I can run.

  • Katdoesdiets

    So awesome! And both great times for your first 5ks. Don’t tell anyone but my first was 38 something ;)

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