The Walking Dead Workout

In honor of the 4th season of Walking Dead starting up next month, we need a Walking Dead WOD!


 4 rounds for time:

- 20 “Merle” Push-ups (One handed, alternating arms)
(be a real asshole while doing this)
- 20 “Hershel” Squats (Pistol, alternating legs)
(you can cut this in half if you have an awesome white beard)
- 200m “Zombie Disposal” run (sandbag run)
(sandbags preferred over dead bodies)
- 1 “Glenn’s Escape” (Climb over Fence/Wall followed by two rope climbs)
(make out with Maggie if she’s around)

And for fun, a group cash out – “The Governor”

All but one or two people do burpees. The remaining people not doing burpees do GHD sit-ups, grabbing a water balloon when they go down, and throwing the balloons on their way back up at the burpee group. When a person is hit, they are dead (finish the workout). Continue until everyone is dead. The governor… What a dick.

Hopefully by the end of this everyone will be feeling like crazy Rick – having fake phone conversations and seeing dead relatives.


* Note, I am not a certified crossfit trainer and probably couldn’t even complete this WOD myself. I just did this for fun. But if a real crossfit trainer uses this, let me know, because that would be awesome.

P.S. So I blogged, big whoop… you wanna fight about it?