George Titsworth

About Me

Three words describe me:

Exaggerating Bad Ass!

I am a twenties something male living in the American Southeast.  I like guns, fishing, saying ‘Guh-huh!’, and lying about my likes.  I have a lovely wife and I am a profoundly proud pappa who uses alliteration to describe his fatherhood.  I like all sorts of nerdy things spanning just about every nerd category.  I love software development, new media, social networking, science fiction, fantasy, video games, movies, comics, etc.

Why I’m Here

I’ve always been a little on the chunky side.  My World of Warcraft character is named Thunderchunk.  No not because I’m a Tauren, but because that’s what my friends called me growing up.  Go ahead and get some tissues. I had a small stint in college when I was skinny, but between 2001 and 2006, I gained around 70 pounds.  The weight gain, like most people in my field, was due to the traditional geek lifestyle: On the computer 12 hours a day and hitting the fast food nightly deal circuit (I miss the 49 cent cheeseburger nights).  But in 2006, I switched my mode and got active, and lost 30 pounds.  I used the traditional weight loss techniques, such as joining a gym and watching my nutrition, but with the birth of my daughter and the loss of many hours in the day, I gained 20 pounds back.

This got me thinking: How can I keep up a healthy workout routine while satisfying the little geeky devil on my shoulder begging spend all night reading Salvatore?  It took some refactoring of the brain, but eventually I started discovering fun little ways and useful tips that helped me merge my exercise time and my geek time.  I have re-lost the 20 pounds and I’m still going.  I want to share these tips and tricks with the world in hopes that it will help other people and also to keep me honest with my own goals.

How To Find Me

I’m pretty easy to find, since I am on just about every internet application, but here are a few specific ones:

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