Josh Bush

By day I’m a software developer writing code to satisfy the needs of my employer.  By night I’m the author of digitalBush and now this blog.  Between my job and my hobbies I end up spending quite a bit of time sitting on my butt in front of a computer.

For all of my life I’ve been big.  It’s all I’ve known.  Through high school I played baseball and that managed to keep me in a somewhat fit shape.  Once I got to college, my freshman 15 turned into freshman 50.  I’m not sure how much I gained, but it was a lot.  A year later I set off to lose the weight I had gained and managed to do so with a very strict workout routine.  I lost a whopping 50 lbs my sophomore year only to gain it back in the following 2 years.  My weight peaked in sometime in 2006 at 310.  From that point on, I vowed to never weigh that again.

I started 2007 with a resolution to lose 50 lbs.  At that point in time I weighed 306 lbs.  Like most people who take on the huge task of losing weight, I started out too aggressive, got frustrated, and gave up.  It’s not all bad, because I ended up losing 10 lbs that year and keeping it off.  Now it’s 2008, and I resolved to finish what I started in 2007.  This time my starting weight was 296 (see the chart below).  So far, I’ve managed to make a sizable dent, but there is still a long way to go.  I’ve not given up this year and that means that what I’m doing is sustainable.

2008 Weight Loss Progress