The Geek Into Shape podcast introduces you to the geeky side of fitness.  Turning your software into hardware is the goal. You will get resources, tips, tricks, and motivation to incorporate all aspects of fitness and health into your geeky lifestyle. You’ll find exercises, nutrition, and fun activities that will mold your body while still enjoying all of your nerdy vices. We don’t want to just incorporate fitness into your geeky lifestyle, but also help find creative ways to incorporate your geeky lifestyle into fitness.

Here’s how you can get the podcast:

It is the goal of this podcast to be a community affair, so any questions, suggestions, and even user submitted segments are welcome.  If you would like to submit a segment, you can either send me an MP3 of your own recorded material or material you would like me to record for you.  We will accept the content if it is high quality and is useful to the community, and we will always give you and your endeavors a plug.

Please contact us at geekintoshape /at/ gmail.com.

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