Online Tool:

Today I’m going to point you, dear reader, towards a tool I’ve found that has really helped me track and visualize my weight loss.  I started using about a month and a half ago to track my weight loss.  The website is easy to use, low friction for data entry, and very basic.  Some people might frown at the lack-luster appearance of the site in this time of web 2.0 goodness, but for me it’s not always about the eye-candy.

Every morning I get up, jump on the scale, and then go to my office to record the weight.  I simply click on the fitness log and I’m greeted with a prompt to enter my weight for the day and a table listing my previous weigh ins.  If I manage to forget to weigh in, then the website estimates my weight based on the other two weigh-ins.

Physics Diet uses moving averages to show a trend line.  Daily weight readings will vary (sometimes wildly), and that can get frustrating to watch.  The moving average will show your overall trend and help make sense of all the noise that is your body weight.  This really helps me to focus in on what matters, and that is which direction am I going. Earlier I mentioned how it handles missed weigh ins.  When the chart is displayed, those missed dates will show as a circle instead of a diamond.  This lets you know that that part of the chart is incomplete. If you would like to read more about the trend line, then please read Signal and Noise from the Hacker’s Diet.

Ultimately what I care about is the data.  One of the reasons I like physics diet is that I can export my weigh ins from it.  That makes me feel less locked into their website.  Regardless, physics diet provides me just what I need without the fluff: a place to record my daily weight and a chart showing relevant visualizations of the data.

If you want to keep tabs on how I’m doing, please visit my about page. It contains an updated graph from Physics Diet.