One Month of Exercise


courtesy of joeltelling

courtesy of joeltelling

It’s not much, but it’s a push towards the right direction.  I started off the year with a blank calendar.  Every day I did some exercise and marked an X on that day.  Right now I’m 34 days into it and feel good about my small accomplishment.  I have a full calendar month of X’s

So far, my exercise has been minimal: pushups, situps, body weight squats, and the occasional walk.  The change has been minimal too.  I have lost zero weight, but that’s to be expected because I’ve been eating like a madman.  I can’t say that I notice any difference in my appearance.  What I do notice is that I feel a little stronger and have more energy.  My plan is to keep this up as long as I can and start cutting back on my food intake.  

For now though, I’ll just enjoy my small success and keep plugging forward.

Brrrrr, It’s Cold.

courtesy of Christmas w/a K

courtesy of Christmas w/a K

I’m having moderate success with my daily exercise commitment.  I’ve managed to exercise a little bit every day since the beginning of the year.  I’m feeling more energized during the day and I feel a little stronger than when I started.  That’s the good from this.

Now for the bad.  It’s cold.  When it’s cold like this, I have zero desire to get out and do some appropriate cardio.  Also, when I’m stuck inside I tend to eat more.  I’m eating better than I used to, but my calorie intake isn’t low enough to yield weight loss.  My weight is basically just holding steady.

So, in summary:  I’m still exercising daily.  It’s not enough.  I’m eating too much.  My weight is holding steady.

Back on Track

I’m happy to report that I’m turning this fat ass ship around and heading back towards my goals.  I started off this year with a calendar to mark off every day that I exercise.  I just finished out Day #8, and I have to admit that the chain of “X”s are starting to motivate me.  Every day I’m trying to do something be it walking, pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges, whatever.  Anything that makes the heart pump a little faster and cause some sweat.  

Starting out like this is a slow process, but it keeps me from getting burnt out.  I haven’t lost any noticable weight, but I’m feeling better.  I never realize how crappy I feel when I’m not exercising and eating too much until I start back.  My energy level is up and I feel good.

World of Warcraft Workout Tip #3 – Exercise Ball

Have you packed on a few pounds since you started playing World of Warcraft? Are you never able to get to the flag in Warsong Gulch because you you need to stop and catch your breath halfway up the entrance tunnel? If so, then listen up!

A great way to increase your daily fitness is to push that old, squeaky office chair out of the way and replace it with an Exercise Ball during your game time.   Using an exercise ball will improve your balance and tone your core muscles just by sitting down and playing WoW.   Using an exercise ball for brief periods of time is also known to help improve posture and body alignment.  To get that extra calorie burn, bounce on the ball or do hip circles while you play.  But the fun doesn’t stop there!  An exercise ball opens up a whole new world of quick and easy exercises to do while playing, such as Squats, Lunges, and Bridges.  If you play Warcraft while on the road, a popular portable alternative to an exercise ball is a Fit Disc.

Caution: You’ll want to make sure you slowly transition into the use of an exercise ball and only use it for a few hours at a time.  It is not recommended to permanently replace your office chair with an exercise ball.  And as always, consult your personal doctor before attempting any exercise presented here.  This has been your World of Warcraft Workout tip of the week.  Have fun and stay active!

Also, I would like to thank Scott and Randy and the crew over at the Instance for including the audio version of the World of Warcraft Tip #1 in ther latest episode.  I’ll keep the segment regular as long as they keep playing it!

World of Warcraft Workout Tip #2

Have you packed on a few pounds since you started playing World of Warcraft?  Are you constantly breaking polymorphs because you were hungry, and you thought the sheep was for you to eat?  If so, then listen up!

Start using quest turn ins as a trigger for doing ab workouts.  For every quest you complete, make it a priority to to 10 sit-ups as soon as the yellow question mark disappears.  Don’t accept another quest until you are finished.  I average around 7-10 quest turn-ins on a good night of playing.  This means that I have done 70-100 sit-ups in one night!  This only takes a few minutes away from your game play, and will put you on the path to having killer abs.  Note: If you can’t finish the sit-ups, switch to another abdominal workout such as planks or bicycle kicks.  When you do these, try to hold out for at least a minute, but don’t stop if you can keep going.

As always, consult your personal doctor before attempting any exercise presented here.  This has been your World of Warcraft Workout tip of the week.  Have fun and stay active!

Back Into 5K

I just recently decided that I want to run a 5K on Labor Day.  I haven’t been running at all since I jacked myself last year.  Now that my weight is down, I decided it was time to get moving again.

I only have 3 weeks to prep for the 5K, so I’m going to have to kick this into overdrive.  There is no easing into this.  Keeping that theme, I jogged/walked 5K yesterday.  Here are the stats:

74 degrees, 62% humidity I ran 3.2mi in 37:53.

I know I’m not breaking any records.  The run did feel pretty good.  I’ve decided that a lot of my problems were the shoes I was wearing.  I’ve done a few small runs lately in some cross-trainers and it felt good.  Yesterday I decided to go back to my running shoes and I had some foot pain again.  I’m throwing those damn things out.  They just don’t work with my body.  I’ll go back to Brooks;  they were more comfortable, but they wore out quicker than I would have liked.

I ran the first 1.75 miles at a good pace without stopping.  After that I lost some of my steam and had to walk a minute.  At that point I alternated jogging and walking making sure to keep my walks no longer than 1 minute.  Jogging is so much easier with a few pounds gone.  I can only hope that it will get even easier still.